[LAD] Open Source Design (paid and pro bono design)

David Runge dave at sleepmap.de
Thu Nov 29 16:53:38 CET 2018

Hey all,

I thought I'd spread the word about Open Source Design [1], which is a
community of designers and developers that wants to improve usability of
free software (never mind the name, I guess most people are not as
strict about it as e.g. Richard Stallman ;-) ).

A friend (hey Sam!) made me aware of this recently and I think the
community can be a great opportunity to either learn about design or
find someone to help your project get a facelift (or a logo, or
whatever). This can be done by posting a request for a "job" (paid or
unpaid) [2] on their site.

Maybe it's of help to anyone here.


[1] https://opensourcedesign.net/
[2] https://opensourcedesign.net/jobs/

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