[LAD] New(ish) OSS synth plugin

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Wed Sep 26 20:02:08 CEST 2018

derp, the first time i noticed this post i overlooked the egregious
error in the title

one should be mindful to avoid terminology (especially acronyms) that
have multiple interpretations, especially when those alternate
interpretations can relate to the same subject area - that really
should not happen but it does when people give names to new things
without knowing that term is already widely used for something else

in this case i am clearly referring to 'OSS' - in the context of
pro-audio, OSS is the "Open Sound System"; and it has been widely known
as such for about 20 years, and still in use today - that is how i read
this post at first - now i realize it was a short-hand for

regardless of whether or not the OP has heard of the actual 'OSS'
before, confusing jargon like that can be easily avoided simply be
being more specific with the words one chooses - in this case "free
software" or even "open-source" would have been perfectly clear to all
- if one must be so lazy about typing, use 'FOSS' or 'FLOSS' when
referring to "audio software that is freely licensed" to make it clear
that is not referring to the "Open Sound System"

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