[LAD] Any Rakarrack developers around here?

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 22:30:59 CET 2020

> > Do you have a specific question or are you just curious?
> I wanted to check if there was any interest in adding
> non-session-manager (nsm) support to Rakarrack.

It would be a nice feature add. It's highly unlikely to happen though
unless someone outside of the project does the work, I'm not even sure they
are active enough to accept a pull request.

> I saw your plugins, but even with plugins, users seems to prefer
> Rakarrack as a whole for certain composition work.

That is an interesting trend isn't it? Certainly the presets are much more
convenient to use right from rakarrack than using the plugins. I had hoped
my project would be used more, but OTOH I use them and I don't regret the

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