[LAD] New B.Choppr LV2 plugin

Sven Jaehnichen sjaehn at jahnichen.de
Fri Jan 10 09:26:25 CET 2020


the first official version of the new LV2 plugin B.Choppr is just 
released. B.Choppr is an audio stream chopping LV2 plugin. It cuts the 
audio input stream into a repeated sequence of up to 16 chops which can 
be individually leveled. B.Choppr is the official successor of B.Slizr.

What's new:
* Define individual step sizes using markers (automatic or manual mode)
* Select between linear and non-linear (sinusoid) crossfading
* Zoom monitor by mouse drag or wheel scroll
* Stable hover effects

Project page: https://github.com/sjaehn/BChoppr
Download: https://github.com/sjaehn/BChoppr/releases
Instructions: https://github.com/sjaehn/BChoppr/blob/master/README.md

Try, enjoy and have fun
Sven Jaehnichen

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