[LAD] liquidsfz-0.2.0

Benoît Rouits brouits at free.fr
Fri Jan 17 00:00:07 CET 2020

I understand your explanation. For the moment, I just forward jack
received CCs to the lib. I will try to make some mokcup before to update
the UI. Cheers,

Le 16/01/2020 à 23:34, Stefan Westerfeld a écrit :
>    Hi!
> Am 12.01.20 um 18:59 schrieb Benoît Rouits:
>> I will update QLiquidSFZ then, to reflect the additions you made.
>> Many thanks for this cool library.
> Right. The most interesting (difficult) addition from the UI point of
> view is probably
>>>   - provide list of CCs supported by .sfz file (Synth::list_ccs)
> The thing is that CCs can be used to control aspects of the sound, such
> as panning or the number of layers used for the sound (i.e. some layers
> will be turned on/off by the cc). From an UI point of view it would be
> ideal if each CC was displayed as one slider (or knob), so you would
> call list_ccs and create a number of sliders/knobs, one for each CC. The
> default value provided by liquidsfz would be the initial position of the
> slider/knob. If the user turns the slider/knob, then qliquidsfz would
> generate CC events for it.
> Its a bit tricky because obviously Synth::add_event_cc() cannot be
> executed at the same time Synth::process() is running in the JACK
> thread. One way to do this is using some kind of queue for the CC
> events, so that the JACK process callback can execute them together with
> the other midi events before process().
> Also in a perfect world if CC events were be received by MIDI, the UI
> would update its state. So using an external midi controller would move
> the Qt slider/knob widget. Again, this needs to be implemented carefully
> in order to be thread safe.
> The CC widgets really cannot be done properly by the text UI, this is
> why I only display a list there. If you are looking for a program for
> inspiration how a UI could look, I'd recommend sforzando for windows.
> This can at least give you an idea of the direction to go. I personally
> obtained an old version (win_sforzando_v1.822.exe) which runs in wine.
> You'll see in the controls tab what I mean if you load a sfz with CCs.
>    Cu... Stefan

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