[LAD] Find all "beat offsets" from .mscx (MuseScore 3 uncompressed) or exported MusicXML?

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 13:09:44 CET 2020


I'm not terribly well-versed in either music theory or the
capabilities of all the various musical software tools out there in
the happy land of Linux (in my case, Arch Linux).

I'm looking to "shortcut" a process:

I want to generate two sets of WebVTT captions / subtitles for an MP3
that was produced from a MuseScore 3 file.

One set will be chord notations like "F#m/A". (The other will be
lyrics. Sort of a karaoke thing with chords.)

Since the chord changes fall on a beat, and there are no alterations
in the time of this piece -- i.e. no "slower" or "faster" parts, but
there are time signature changes, it should be a programmatically
solvable problem.

The simplest approach seemed to be to generate a starting and ending
time for each beat, and go through a parseable file and parse out
which chord falls where and attach it to the appropriate element in
the list of durations. The thought occurred that, if I have the
duration of the file, and either the uncompressed MuseScore or
uncompressed MusicXML, there might be a clever tool or Python module
to parse the file and come up with the total number of beats, and then
divide the duration by that.

Rather than invent the wheel from scratch, I thought I'd ask if there
was already a wheel -- or if the wheel I'm building ultimately won't
roll. ;-)

Is this making any sense, and are there such handy tools?


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