[LAD] Looking for some jackd debugging help

Ethan Funk ethan at redmountainradio.com
Sun Jun 14 00:22:50 CEST 2020

I was wrong in my thinking that jackd  had a stability problem.  After
spending (wasting) a lot of time troubleshooting jackd, a jackd crash
finally occurred while I was siting in front of the machine, and I
noticed that I lost the mouse and keyboard too for about 10 seconds. 
So this whole time, the trouble has been flaky USB hardware on the
motherboard, not jackd.  

Testing on a new computer has been flawless, for going on two weeks

That leads me to a question regarding Ubuntu Studio Control, which I
have been using to manage jackd and additional audio interfaces via
zita-a2j.  I have Ubuntu Studio Control configured to use a Tascam US-
4x4 as the main audio interface with 128 sample process frames at a 48
kHz sample rate on my test machine, with the built-in audio port on the
motherboard as a a2j/j2a bridge.  Audio to and from the motherboard
interface is broken up with the zita-a2j and zita-j2a running as
launched by Ubuntu Studio Control. Notably, the -p run option is set to
64.  If I run zita-a2j myself with -p set nice and high, to 1024 for
example, I get good clean audio, at the expense of latency on that
interface.  That's fine for me, since I still have good, low latency on
the main interface.  Does any one know where I can find the source code
for Ubuntu Studio Control so I can investigate a fix to make this

Ethan Funk

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