[LAD] Alpha release of zita-avc1

Fons Adriaensen fons at linuxaudio.org
Mon Nov 23 15:01:08 CET 2020

Zita-avc1  0.1.0

'Analog' style vocoder, inspired by the famous EMS vocoders
from the 1970's. Standalone app, using Jack for audio and

Zita-avc1 uses two sets of 24, 6th order bandpass filters
to analyse the voice input and to impose the same spectral
envelope on another signal. The filters span a frequency
range from approx. 70 Hz to 14 kHz. Filter spacing is 1/4
octave over most of this range.

Voiced / Unvoiced detection is based on the power ratio of
the high vs low frequency bands.

A sawtooth oscillator and a noise source are provided, but
normally you should use external signals, at least for the
voiced excitation. Bright strings-like signals seem to work
well, but anything with a dense 'pinkish' spectrum should do.

The voice input should be a clean, full-bandwidth voice signal,
speaking or singing. 

This is very much an alpha version, released to invite comments
and suggestions.

Future developments may include:

- Pitch tracking.
- Filter band matrix.
- Store and recall formants with MIDI control.
- ...

See the README for a quick guide.

Available at the usual place:




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