[LAD] The mysterious revival of www.nekosynth.co.uk

Gordonjcp gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Mon Nov 23 23:31:46 CET 2020

Hi folks,

Some of you may recall that about ten years ago I wrote some LADSPA and DSSI plugins and hosted them on a Trac install on www.nekosynth.co.uk until I moved away from doing music with computers, and gradually the site became abandoned and the domain lapsed.

Someone pointed out that the site is back up on https://www.nekosynth.co.uk with a load of content downloaded from archive.org and indeed
 there it is - loads of it although the audio examples are missing.

This is seriously weird.  Like, really, really weird.

It wasn't one of you lot, was it?

I'd love to try and get in touch with whoever put considerable effort into setting it up.  If anyone knows anything I'd appreciate the information.


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