[LAD] PSIndustrializer 0.2.7-pre1 released

Yury Alyaev mutab0r at rambler.ru
Mon Oct 19 19:39:13 CEST 2020

Hi all,

I have made a first preview of Power Station Industrializer v0.2.7

You can download it here: 

What is new in psindustrializer-0.2.7:

     Improved accuracy of setting some parameters

     Rendering and playback can be interrupted. Playback can be 
retrigged at any time

     Both actuation and sampling nodes are made selectable (Hint: you 
can use this facility to generate great stereo samples. Although 
PSIndustrializer doesn't support direct stereo samples saving yet, you 
can manually save two samples with the same model and parameters, but 
different sampling nodes. Then map them to right and left channels and 
have fun!)


As always, bugreports and feature requests are welcome!


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