[LAD] [LAU] [LAA] Mamba - Virtual Midi keyboard for Jack Audio Connection Kit release 1.4

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Sun Sep 6 05:46:55 CEST 2020


Mamba release v1.4 is out

Mamba - Virtual MIDI keyboard and MIDI file player/recorder

Mamba is not only a Virtual MIDI keyboard, it's also a MIDI looper. It
allow you to record, for example a bass loop on one channel and then
play along on a other channel with a piano or whatever.

You could save your loops to MIDI files if you wish, in any case, Mamba
save your last record and load it on the next start on default.

Mamba is also a MIDI visualizer, it shows not only what you play, it
shows as well incoming events. It also allow you to load MIDI files,
play them in loop and show the output on the keyboard. You could select
which channel you would monitor on the keyboard. You could as well
monitor all channels at once.

Mamba includes also support by fluidsynth, you could load a soundfont
and directly play along.

Mamba will keep it's settings, so once a soundfont is loaded, on the
next start you could just play along with the keyboard. You could load a
new soundfont at any time. You could as well exit fluidsynth to use
Mamba as plain Virtual MIDI keyboard with the synth of your choice.

Mamba is released under the BSD Zero Clause License license

The GUI is build on libxputty - A damn tiny abstraction Layer to create
X11 window/widgets with cairo surfaces


To build Mamba from source, the following dependencies must be meat.

  * libfluidsynth-dev
  * libc6-dev
  * libsmf-dev
  * libcairo2-dev
  * libx11-dev
  * liblo-dev
  * libsigc++-2.0-dev
  * libjack-(jackd2)-dev

So, here is the project page:


and here you'll find the last release:


Mamba features

# Virtual Midi Keyboard for Jack Audio Connection Kit <https://jackaudio.org/>
# Including NSM <https://linuxaudio.github.io/new-session-manager/> support
# Including gettext <https://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/> localization
# Including fluidsynth <https://github.com/FluidSynth/fluidsynth> support
# Soundfont loader for fluidsynth
# Channel selector
# Bank and Program selector
# Keyboard mapping for qwertz, qwerty, azerty(fr) and azerty(be)
selectable from menu
# Keymap Editor to setup a custom Keymap
# PC Keyboard mapping selector from C0 to C4
# Pitchbend, Balance, Modwheel, Detune, Expression, Attack, Release,
Volume and Velocity controllers
# Sustain and Sostenuto switches
# Connection management Menu
# Support Midi-file load, save, record and play in loop
# BPM controller for playback speed
# Support Midi Beat Clock for playback speed
# Midi Through: forward midi input to output
# Midi input highlighting
# Resizable to a full range 127 key view
# Load Midi-files on command-line
# Support jack_transport to start/stop Midi-Loops



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