[LAD] PCM channel names API

Philippe Bekaert linux at panokkel.be
Wed Aug 18 17:31:57 CEST 2021

Same context as my previous mail …

The RME HDSPe cards have a large number of inputs and outputs for which the standard ALSA channels names and mappings make little sense. 

Names reflect the hardware interfaces, e.g. Analog.L, Analog.R, AES.1/1 … AES.1/8, ADAT.1 … ADAT.8 etc… and not their function.

Right now, the hdspm driver provides a ad-hoc virtual file in /proc/asound/card<n> containing these names. 

I am looking for a more generic driver <-> user space API for communicating PCM cannel names. Has anyone been facing the same / similar issues? How have you solved it? Are there any ideas, suggestions, preferences concerning this topic?

Again looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards and thanks in advance,


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