[LAD] New Session Manager Version 1.5.0

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Fri Jan 15 10:31:19 CET 2021

Linuxaudio.org presents: New Session Manager Version 1.5.0

## Summary

Next scheduled release (2021-04-15) will switch the default session root 
to $XDG_DATA_HOME ( default on most distributions: ~/.local/share/nsm/ )
With Aprils release please prepare to do one of the following:
  * Move old sessions to the new root directory (preferred)
  * Symlink "~/NSM Sessions" to the new root directory
  * use the nsmd --session-root commandline argument.

All changes are made only on the server side, or in the tools we 
Existing sessions, clients, and GUIs remain 100% compatible without 
requiring any changes.
Please see the CHANGELOG highlight below.

The project can be found on Github:

API Document:  

## Full Release Announcement:

New Session Manager (NSM) is a tool to assist music production by 
grouping standalone programs into sessions. Your workflow becomes easy 
to manage, robust and fast by leveraging the full potential of 
cooperative applications.

NSM is free in every sense of the word: free of cost, free to share and 
use, free of spyware or ads, free-and-open-source.

You can create a session, or project, add programs to it and then use 
commands to save, start/stop, hide/show all programs at once, or 
individually. At a later date you can then re-open the session and 
continue where you left off.

All files belonging to the session will be saved in the same directory.

Check your distributions in a few days for New-Session-Manager 1.5.0

You can find the source release on Github:


Bullet Points
* Drop-In replacement for the non-session-manager daemon nsmd and tools 
(e.g. jackpatch)
* Simple and hassle-free build system to make packaging easy
* Possibility to react to sensible bug fixes that would not have been 
integrated into original nsmd
* Stay upwards and downwards compatible with original nsmd
* Conservative and hesitant in regards to new features and 
behaviour-changes, but possible in principle
* Keep the session-manager separate from the other NON* tools Mixer, 
Sequencer and Timeline.
* Protect nsmd from vanishing from the internet one day.
* The goal is to become the de-facto standard music session manager for 
Linux distributions

# Changes since new-session-manager v1.4.0 (2020-08-14)

All changes are made only on the server side, or in the tools we 
Existing sessions, clients, and GUIs remain 100% compatible without 
requiring any changes.

## nsmd:
* Fix session discovery to not report nested sessions anymore. Also more 
robust file system error handling.
* Command line option --quiet: Suppress messages except warnings and 
* Protect against orphaned clients or daemons when the server, or even a 
GUI, crashes.
* Replace cowboy-slang in info-level OSC with descriptive, technical 

## Legacy-GUI:
* Fix manpage description and usage with the correct executable name
* Fix resizing to very small and back. ( / TheGreatWhiteShark )

## NSM-Proxy:
* Multiple layout and style fixes. Better texts for beginners.

## API:
* NSM_API_VERSION_PATCH from 0 to 1 (1.1.0 -> 1.1.1)
* Please see API document chapter "Changes in API Version 1.1.1"

## Extras:
* This repository now contains extras (libraries, programs, 
documentation etc.)  Extras are technically not connected to the main 
programs of this repository.  There is no dependency to any "extra" nor 
any license implications. Please read extras/README.md.
* nsm.h was moved to extras/nsm.h
* "extras/pynsm" is now a part of NEW-SM. It was a standalone git repo 
until now.


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