[LAD] NSM fork

John Rigg ladev9 at jrigg.co.uk
Fri Jan 29 20:59:58 CET 2021

The recent fork of NSM (Non Session Manager) and the discussion
around it has highlighted some issues in the Linux Audio
community which I believe need to be addressed.

I don't think the fork was handled very well, with antagonism
on both sides which could easily have been avoided with a
little forethought.

The choice of the name New Session Manager and the re-use of
the NSM initials is an obvious problem IMO. The original
wording on the GitHub README.md, which implied that Non
Session Manager was non-free and contained ads and spyware,
didn't help. (It was changed after I raised an issue about

Now Jonathan Liles has been banned for life from LAD after
an angry email to the list. The email contained ad-hominem
comments, so a block on the post was not unreasonable, but
a life ban for one angry post is certainly unreasonable.

The fact that the list moderator is also one of the team
which forked NSM does not look good. It is a clear conflict
of interest.

At the very least, Jonathan Liles' list membership should
be reinstated. 

I've been using Linux for pro audio work for over 15 years
now, and much of the community spirit that existed when I
started seems to have been replaced with an intolerant
mindset that expects everyone to conform to its view of how
things should be. This doesn't bode well for the future of
Linux audio.


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