[LAD] AES67 Audio over IP and JACK

Julian Rabius rabius at t-online.de
Sat Jun 12 13:45:43 CEST 2021

Dear linux audio developers,

I would like to bring the effort of Andrea Bondavalli to your attention, 
who develops an "AES67-linux-daemon".


This builds on the ALSA RAVENNA/AES67 Driver released by merging tchnologies


There was not much activity on mergings repository and mailing list 
concerning the driver and butler after the initial release, and some 
elements still seemed to be missing or were kept closed source.

Now thanks to A. Bondavallis initiative a fully open source 
implementation of AES67 on linux, which opens up possibilities for 
audio-networking with lots of professional grade audio hardware devices 
and computers running different OS seems to be very close.

Unfortunately the developer does not seem to be an active user of the 
jack ecosystem, nor ardour or other typical software for 
audio-production on linux.

Though with basic alsa tools the AES67-daemon already seems to work 
flawlessly, I had no success starting jack or ardour on top of it.
There was some discussion on this topic in the following thread, but to 
my impression more research into compatibility with jack, ardour etc. 
would be necessary.

Sadly I have not the programming skills to contribute to development 
directly, but I would be glad to help with testing different 
configurations, already running an AES67 network including a merging 
hapi, a dante device with AES67 capability and windows machines running 
MAD (merging audio device), the ravenna network manager ANEMAN and Dante 
Controller. I would really like to expand this setup to my main linux 
DAW and make it the centerpiece of the audio network.

Kind regards
Julian Rabius

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