[LAD] Aeolus update

Fons Adriaensen fons at linuxaudio.org
Wed May 4 11:46:49 CEST 2022

Hello all,

Version 0.10.1 of Aeolus is now available at the usual place:


* Cleanup, maintenance, bug fixes.

The biggest bug was probably that the 'instability' and 'release
detune' parameters set in the stops editor were correctly stored
into the *.ae0 files which contain the stop definitions, but NOT
copied into the *.ae1 files which contain the precomputed wavetables
and run-time synthesis parameters.

So they would work only when the wavetables were recomputed
on a running Aeolus instance (e.g. by changing tuning or
temperament), and not when previously stored ones were reloaded.

This makes quite a difference, as without the random delay
modulation which is controlled by 'instability', the looped
parts of the wavetables just become a static sound.

You may also get stops-0.4.0. This includes some tweaks that I
have done on my local copy over the past years, but is probably
not much different from 0.3.0. You may need to modify your
~/.aeolusrc to use these.


Apart from bug fixes, this will be the last release using the
current Aeolus framework.

A completely new one is in the pipeline, but it still requires
a lot of new code, testing and tuning. This will provide:

* 'Chiff', the filtered noise that some pipes generate.
  I've finally found an algorithm that produces realistic
  results and that is efficient enough to work on lots
  of pipes.

* Using multiple CPU cores.

* Higher order Ambisonics output.

* Binaural output (with optional head tracking).

* Full separation of UI and synthesis processes,
  connected via a network connection.



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