[LAD] [Announce] FFADO version 2.4.7

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at just42.net
Sun Nov 27 12:52:03 CET 2022

The FFADO project announces the availability of FFADO version 2.4.7.  This
is a bug-fix release to address issues encountered since version 2.4.6.

This is a source-only release: libffado-2.4.7.tgz.

Changes since FFADO 2.4.6:

 * Address additional type-related issues encounted in ffado-mixer when
   using python 3.10.  Components affected were the crossbar router and the
   M-Audio device mixer.

 * Update config.guess to the latest version.  This supports newer
   architectures such as RISCV64.

 * Address compiler warnings reported by newer versions of gcc.

 * Add a configuration entry for the Apogee Duet.

Thanks to those who have helped with this release, including Salvador O.G.,
Letu Ren, Nils Philippsen and Greg Dorian.

Jonathan Woithe
(on behalf of ffado.org)

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