[LAD] [LAA] XUiDesigner v0.8 released

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Wed Oct 5 09:46:03 CEST 2022

XUiDesigner v0.8 released

A easy to use tool to generator/design X11 based LV2 Plugin Bundles.
Beside that XUiDesigner allow to generate and install GUI's for existing
LV2 plugins (so far only Reaper fail to load extra UI's), it support as
well to generate LV2 plugins from scratch.
Special support is implemented for FAUST dsp files, which allow you to
generate a LV2 plugin with X11 based UI by just drag'n'drop a FAUST dsp
file into the XUiDesigner interface. This works now as well for MIDI
capable faust modules.
In any way, you don't need to interference with any of the annoying LV2
implementations. XUiDesigner handle that all for you.
The very same is true when you like to implement your own dsp (C++) into
a LV2 plugin.
Example files for how to create a c++ file for parsing (drag n' drop)
with XUiDesigner been included.
For later rework the UI a json file will be created which you could drop
later on XUiDesigner to load and rework the UI.
This may also be usable by other toolkits to create a UI?
This release comes with a couple of Bug-fixes and aims to be nearly stable.
Here is a introduction Wiki
<https://github.com/brummer10/XUiDesigner/wiki/XUiDesigner> entry to
show the first steps.
Note: Please download the attached XUIDesigner_0.8.tar.gz
archive, as only that contain the needed git submodule ( old long time
knowing bug on github) as the other files wont be able to build
XUiDesigner for you.

New in this release:
Implement Virtual Midi Keyboard Widget
Fix segfault under Wayland
Fix several Bugs
Implement proper *.cc file parser
Add examples for *cc file parsing

Project page:


Download Release:


Enjoy anyway.
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