[LAT] hello from pure:dyne

aymeric mansoux aymeric at goto10.org
Wed Aug 6 09:26:33 EDT 2008


Thanks for setting this list :)

Quick intro for those who do not know about pure:dyne.
pure:dyne is a live distribution for artists and musicians. With artists
and musicians we mean persons working in the field of
media-art/software-art/net-art/... using GNU/Linux as a platform to
create installations, make performances, give workshops, teach GNU/Linux
in art schools, and also use pure:dyne as an OS for small media/artlab.
The project has been initially started by GOTO10, a distributed
collective of artists, and it is now growing to a group of 8 persons.

We provide "studio" applications from Gimp to Ardour, but our focus and
packaging is around software such as Pure Data, Supercollider, Csound,
fluxus, Processing, Arduino and more exotic things :)

We recently switched to Debian as our core system to build the liveCD, and
we aim to stick to it as much as possible, which means that we intend to
move our packages from our repos to Debian eventually, this will be done
with help of Free and I believe part of the Debian Multimedia group effort.

Right now, we use a mix of 3 repos for our system, lenny, multimedia
(debian-multimedia.org repos) and ours. So far so good :)

We have been contacted by Daniel after we announced the project was
switching to Debian and started to talk with Free to see what kind of
technical overlap the 2 projects had so we could try to limit dupe works
in the long-term. Part of this discussion we met Daniel during one of
our code sprints and moved the discussion forward with concrete
initiatives, like the idea to have such a list for distribution
maintainers and advanced users to exchange tips and tricks on linux
audio tuning. We also talked about the idea of a set of common kernel
config that could be reused by different audio/video distros.

Part of pure:dyne we have always put our config on SVN, 
(this is the one currently on the liveCD btw)
and we have started to make some kernel benchmarks and audio
optimizations page:

I think it would be very useful if the 1st projects of this list were:
 - a common place for all the distro maintainers to write a common tuning 
   doc (wiki.linuxaudio.org?)
 - the creation of a repository with a couple of kernel config and patches 
   that would be common to our distros
 - a benchmark protocol for testing audio settings and kernel 

Let me know what you think!


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