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Gilberto Borges bandacarona at yahoo.com.br
Wed Jul 30 17:38:58 EDT 2008


My name is Gilberto Andre Borges and I am from Brazil. I am happy to subscribe this list and I stay here because I am Musix Project's co-ordinator. I am postgraduate in Music, in the area of concentration Music Education, for the University of the Santa Catarina State. 

At present, I work with teachers' formation in the Public Net of Schools of the city of Florianópolis, in the Santa Catarina State, Brazil. I am an investigator in the area of Music, where I am developing one dissertation about Music Education and Free Software.

In Brazil, the adoption of free software in the public schools is stimulated by the federal government and, recently, a federal legislation made the teaching of music compulsory in the basic education (first nine years of school education).

I believe that adding efforts up the whole community of musicians who use free software will leave winning. Forgive for me some mistake of orthography or grammar, since I have practice little with the English language, but I speak very quite Portuguese and Spanish, so that I can help with these languages.


Gilberto André Borges

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