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Wed Sep 10 10:06:32 EDT 2008

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re all,

i just  thought i'd say  hello :) i'm  following this list  of course,
good that it exists.

and let me add for the record:

dyne:bolic GNU/Linux 2.x is using  a real-time kernel that many people
reported  to work  well with  jack  applications: it  is the  (missed,
alas!)  Con Kolivas  (-ck) patchset for desktop against  linux (in d:b
2.5.2 that is 2.6.18-ck3)

IMHO  Con is  definitely  a big  loss  in the  development sphere:  he
abandoned the  scene as he  was mistreated by other  kernel developers
and  Linus  himself.   real   pity.   his  contributions  are  amazing
(esp. the prefetch approach for  desktop) and his -rt series have been
powering dyne:II releases for long time.

regarding the  status of  future kernel releases,  as dyne:bolic  is a
100% free GNU/Linux distribution  we'll follow the kernel-libre branch
(now mantained by  Alexandre Oliva) in any future release,  as it is a
truly free redistribution of the Linux kernel.

Alexandre's  releases  are  frequent  and  well  compatible  with  -rt
patchsets, as Jeff  Moe is packing a linux-libre-rt  kernel we already
use   in   our   new   FREEEEE  distribution   for   EEEPC   computers

results are quite  satisfying, still some corners to  be smoothed, but
well jack is the default audio  daemon for our distro and it runs well
without xruns. i've been performing  myself using Jack and FFTW3 on my
EEEPC 701 with FreeJ and Fluxus scripts with very good results.


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