[LAT] To much latency

Dave Stikkolorum davers at dds.nl
Sun Oct 30 11:02:14 UTC 2011


I am a musician and programmer.

I use a laptop with an internal soundcard (intel)
and ubuntu studo.

When I see the qjack control settings window
I always see a 46.6 ms latency.

On a older Desktop computer with an internal ac97 soundcard
or an pci sweex (cheap) I have the same problem.

Reducing the sample period to 512 , reduces the latency, but
always ends up with problems.

My question is how to have a good studio setup
for recording (and playing midi in the background)?

Is it possible to better the performance with an external soundcard?
What are your experiences?

I also tried ccma an av linux, but the same problems.

Anyone suggestions?


Dave Stikkolorum

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