[linux-audio-user] Advice for new users?

Sage sage at carmen.keychainrecords.com
Wed Oct 9 06:10:01 EDT 2002

> For MIDI recording and editing the program "jazz" is a good app, try
> also the "Muse" sequencer and the "noteedit" notation program. For now
> expect an app that can do good audio+MIDI in sync like Cubase or Logic do.
> But be aware that the community is working fast and this goal would be
> in the near future (I heard of Ardour MIDI integration with midimountain).

I am not averse to using two separate apps for audio and midi.  I'm already
planning to use Ardour for audio.  If it could do midi as well, that would
be fabulous, but since mention of such features are scarce on the Ardour
website, I don't expect much right now.  Two separate apps would do me just
fine, though.

The real problem is the need to find good sounds to be powered by the midi,
though.  Softsynths, wavetable synths, samplers... right now I use several
VST instruments: Model-E (a minimoog emulator), The Grand (a very realistic
piano), B4 (emulates the Hammond B3 organ) and the Cheez Machine (emulates
the Arp Solina).  So I only use midi to emulate real instruments... and
unless I go with iiwusynth and soundfonts (a perfectly useable, but sorely
inferior solution, if you ask me), there's really no alternative.

I am currently faced with having to decide whether to enjoy the benefits of
open source software, or stick with the best tools for the job... I was
hoping that someone on this list might be able to point me to solutions that
help narrow the gap in ability, particularly in software synths.

> > If people are in general agreement as to what the "best" apps out
> > there are, it might be useful to have a webpage dedicated to
> > recommendations from the list, eh?  Just a thought. :)
> Sure the best page is http://www.linuxsound.at/

I've referred to this page many times in the past, and while it is certainly
a useful list, it tells me little about how well the various programs work
from a new convert's perspective.  Thanks for the link, though - it's been a
while since I've taken a look there. :)

> Welcome to the linux audio and MIDI world, and stay tuned to this list!

Thanks!  I am looking forward to it.  I just hope that development in this
area comes along fast enough to be useful to me. :)

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