[linux-audio-user] Advice for new users?

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Wed Oct 9 07:41:01 EDT 2002

matthew yee-king hat gesagt: // matthew yee-king wrote:

> and what of rosegarden? can't that use softsynths via an alsa virtual
> midi driver?
> http://www.all-day-breakfast.com/rosegarden
> (when i used vst on windows for a bit in 1999 i had to use virtual midi
> cables to connect it to the 'generator' softsynth FWIW)

You can use all midi capable softsynths with virtual midi connections.
The trick is to get their audio data back to the sequencer app for
further editing, provided the sequencer can do that. MusE uses (or
used) a combination of virtual ALSA midi ports and LADSPA output for
the audio data. I don't know, if the new MusE now uses Jack instead
for the latter. It would seem like a natural solution.

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