[linux-audio-user] Intel 82801BA Sound

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Wed Oct 9 07:42:00 EDT 2002

Joern Nettingsmeier wrote:
> bwc2001 at columbia.edu wrote:
>>I have an HP 7965 desktop dual-booting between XP and RH Linux 8.0.
>>The standard installation did not get the sound card working, and
>>every time I tried to use XMMS, an error message would pop up saying
>>that the sound card could not be contacted.
>>I installed the ALSA driver, library, and utilities as per the
>>instructions at
>>and then used insmod to load them, also as per the instructions at
>>that page.
>>Now xmms and the system seem to recognize the module and the sound
>>card-I don't get any error messages-but I don't get any sound. I
>>used alsamixer to unmute the system, but I still get nothing. It
>>works fine in XP, so I don't know what the problem would be.
> are your channel faders up (not just unmuted) ? to make sure, start
> xmms, then alsamixer and play with the settings (preferably *not* with
> headphones :) - usually you need to raise at least the master AND "pcm"
> or something like that.
> how's the sound doing on the evil side (just to check your speakers are
> set up ok) ?
> did you try aplay somefile.wav ? if this works, xmms is probably using
> the OSS output plugin, and you don't have the compatibility modules
> running...
> just guesses. you will probably have more luck on the alsa-user mailing
> list if this did not help you.

Also what modules do you have loaded?


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