[linux-audio-user] Intel 82801BA Sound

bwc2001 at columbia.edu bwc2001 at columbia.edu
Wed Oct 9 13:50:01 EDT 2002

Sorry, they are unmuted. In the first post I said that I followed
all of the directions here:

and unmuted alsamixer and turned up the channel faders.

Thanks, Brian

Quoting janne halttunen <jhalttun at pp.htv.fi>:

> On Wed,  9 Oct 2002 09:36:58 -0400
> bwc2001 at columbia.edu wrote:
> > The channel faders up, both on alsamixer and the RH volume
> control
> > panel. The speakers do work on the evil side, and I was also
> trying
> > it with headphones, but I guess I won't do that anymore. aplay
> > didn't play any sound, but it indicated that the file was
> playing at
> > 4410 hz in stereo and didn't give any error messages. 
> You didn't mention if the channels were unmuted.  (the 'm' key to
> toggle muting in alsamixer)
> janne

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