[linux-audio-user] Easy question about a single app workstation

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Fri Oct 11 05:04:00 EDT 2002

Andy Main hat gesagt: // Andy Main wrote:

> This is my first post on this list, so here goes!......
> I've had ardour running on my system for a while now and I really like
> it.  I've now got hold of a second PC which I am gonna dedicate to
> running only ardour (on a debian system).  Now once I have all set up
> and working well, how would I go about booting directly into ardour?  Ie
> no logins, no fancy window manager just switch on the pc and it boot
> into it (and mount some drives on a network).  

I think, without a window manager Ardour would be nearly useless. I
didn't work with Ardour for abour a year, but judging from the
screenshots it has multiple windows, that you couldn't move without a WM.

I would also say, that a login manager like xdm/wdm/gdm/kdm doesn't
use much, if any, resources after you logged in. So removing that
wouldn't make the machine faster for Ardour as well. It goes to sleep
and isn't really felt anymore. Some login managers (gdm/kdm) OTOH give
you the nice possibility to directly login a user. That would be the
easiest solution for an automatic login. 

Make Ardour faster you should instead check for servers and stuff
running in the background, that you don't need. You might want to make
a runlevel dedicated to audio work. On Debian, you're normally in
runlevel 2 (check with "runlevel"). You could change this default in
/etc/inittab -- make "id:2:initdefault:" to i.e. "id:4:initdefault:"
 -- and then rename everything in /etc/rc4.d/ starting with S, that
you don't need to the same starting with K.

Another thing to consider is using ressource friendly applications.
Make something like sWM (www.small-window-manager.de) or at least
blackbox your window manager, use Vim not Emacs, Dillo not Mozilla,
M. Eddington's minibar not the Gnome/KDE-Panel, mc not Nautilus and so

This way, you could get the most out of your (minimalist) machine.

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