[linux-audio-user] Advice for new users?

Dave Griffiths dave at pawfal.org
Fri Oct 11 06:50:12 EDT 2002

> so you have only audio connections in SSM ?
> how do your sequencers work then ?

They send float CV values :) 

This means you can do some interesting things though, mix different sequencers
together or lowpass filter the note CV to get portmento.

Because the sequencer can also record audio as input, you can do generative
composition by plugging multiple sine waves into a sequencer and record the

You can actually use the sequencer as a kind of sampler - or vice versa, but I
wouldn't recommend it :]

> i considered the the event type connections a good thing
> but for LFO they are not so good of course
> (there is the sig2evt component) but this does not perform so good
> because audio processing is interrupted to process events.

I guess I'd just add the reverse, a evt2sig component, crazy though it sounds...
> i am also getting problems with the events because they can be 
> emitted from the audio thread and it should not use malloc. So i 
> have to write my own mem management which gets its memory from 
> another thread...

Such is the fun of going from 1 thread to multithread. I feel your pain.
I *think* the only thing that causes a malloc in the audio thread of ssm is
loading a sample into the sampler. Which I need to put on a seperate thread
anyway - as it's calling all the file handling stuff too.

> i you connect an LFO to a cutoff freq you recalculate filter
> coefficients
> for every sample ?

In principle yet, although actually the filters are set to only recalc their
coefficients periodically.

Midi message passing is actually on todo list (which will of course break the
anything can be plugged into anything else rule - but will provide polyphony)


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