[linux-audio-user] Burning DVD-A with own 24/96 content

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Martin Wolters wrote:
> I couldn't find any information on the web about burning DVD-A 
> (DVD-Audio) discs. Does somebody know if that is possible? What programs 
> and hardware are required?
> -M
> PS.: I am not thinking about copying commercial DVD's but making my own 
> 24/96 recordings and play them in my living room - if that makes any 
> difference.

The writer of cdrecord has also produced a dvd version which he sells. A 
few other people have taken the cdrecord code and added dvd writing 
abilities. However because the main author of cdrecord has already 
written code that he sells he will not include the alternative. You can 
get the patch relatively easily though. Just search the cdrecord archives.

I wouldn't expect to get friendly advice on the cdrecord list from the 
main author if you try to use the alternative code but the authors of 
the dvd patch also monitor that list and they are pretty helpful.

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