[linux-audio-user] Easy question about a single app workstation

linuxmedia4 at netscape.net linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Sat Oct 12 09:31:00 EDT 2002

WLCraig <wendell1 at anncrman.com> wrote:

>> When I first started out using Linux, I used fvwm2. It used
>> very little resources and booted up very quickly. I still
>> have it on the SuSE 6.4 install, so it may still be out
>> there somewhere.
>> Rocco

> I use fvwm2 all day every day; ready to go in approx
> .75 seconds.  Does everything I want a wm to do.  No bells.
> No whistles.  Perfect!

You said *exactly* what I (originally) wanted to say about
fvwm2. It's just that I have only used kde and fvwm2 and
wasn't sure what the others were like. But yes... loads
fast as %&*# and used (if my memory serves me well)
1 or 2 megs of ram.

Am I mistaken about the 1 or 2 megs of ram part?


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