[linux-audio-user] audio editor that imports real audio

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sat Oct 12 12:43:00 EDT 2002

Lloyd R. Prentice wrote:
> Hello,
> Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>Does anyone know how to stream from a .cfm link?
> A .cfm suffix denotes a Cold Fusion (Macromedia) template. The template most likely
> contains HTML and Cold Fusion markup tags, and ascii content.
> The Cold Fusion markup tags are read and executed by the Cold Fusion server.
> I don't know what you mean by stream. But data in Cold Fusion is usually stored in
> Cold Fusion variables. There are a number of different types of variables, but the
> most common type is instantiated as:
>     <CFSET myVariable = "my string" >
>     <CFSET myVariable = 10>
> Cold Fusion also uses lists and arrays.
> Here's and example of a list::
>     <CFSET myList = "myValue,10,20,anotherValue">
> This list is comma separated, but you can define any character you want as a
> separator.
> I hope this is helpful. Feel free to communicate off-list if you'd like to discuss
> further.

While it's useful info to know that doesn't really answer my question.

I want to access a dj set that is pointed to/linked to through a cfm 
file. The file is actually an asf which xine and mplayer support but 
neither of them can understand how to read the link.

I have been trying to get freeamp but the site is either down or it's 
moved and I don't have the correct link.

realplayer and xmms cannot access the stream either.

It's annoying me just a little as I haven't encountered this problem for 
a while.

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