[linux-audio-user] audio editor that imports real audio

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sat Oct 12 14:19:00 EDT 2002

Lloyd R. Prentice wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>I want to access a dj set that is pointed to/linked to through a cfm
>>file. The file is actually an asf which xine and mplayer support but
>>neither of them can understand how to read the link.
>>I have been trying to get freeamp but the site is either down or it's
>>moved and I don't have the correct link.
>>realplayer and xmms cannot access the stream either.
> Cold Fusion deals with files through the <CFFILE ACTION="someAction"> tag,
> where someAction = Move|Rename|Copy|Delete|Read|Write.
> An example of the Read action would be:
> FILE="file_name"
> VARIABLE="var_name">
> var_name is the name of the CF variable that will contain the file once it's read.
> Is this any more help?

not really. There is a link on a page which points to this address:


If I click it I get a mozilla open/save dialog and none of the apps I 
try to use can follow the link.

So far I have tried mplayer, xine, realplay, xmms.

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