[linux-audio-user] audio editor that imports real audio

Lloyd R. Prentice pai at tiac.net
Sat Oct 12 17:22:00 EDT 2002


Patrick Shirkey wrote:

> >>I want to access a dj set that is pointed to/linked to through a cfm
> >>file. The file is actually an asf which xine and mplayer support but
> >>neither of them can understand how to read the link.
> >>
> >>I have been trying to get freeamp but the site is either down or it's
> >>moved and I don't have the correct link.
> >>
> >>realplayer and xmms cannot access the stream either.
> >>
> >
> >
> > Cold Fusion deals with files through the <CFFILE ACTION="someAction"> tag,
> > where someAction = Move|Rename|Copy|Delete|Read|Write.
> >
> > An example of the Read action would be:
> >
> > FILE="file_name"
> > VARIABLE="var_name">
> >
> > var_name is the name of the CF variable that will contain the file once it's read.
> >
> > Is this any more help?
> not really. There is a link on a page which points to this address:
> /launch.cfm?mixid=5014
> If I click it I get a mozilla open/save dialog and none of the apps I
> try to use can follow the link.
> So far I have tried mplayer, xine, realplay, xmms.

The ?mixid=5014 specifies a URL variable 'mixid' with value 5014. This is passed into
the launch.cfm template as a URL variable. Without looking at the template source, we
can't know what the variable is conditioning since it would be processed on the server

I have no idea where you can find an audio application that has a feature that enables
it to read a *.cfm template directly but, presumably, the authors of the *.cfm template
are using Cold Fusion to dynamically select either the name or the data of a *.asf file
from a server directory or database then, pass the result onto another Cold Fusion
function, most likely on the server side, for display or to some audio application for

When Macromedia bought Cold Fusion from Allaire, they started merging it with their
Flash application. It may be, now that I think about it, that the dj set is being
selected to run as Flash data. If this is the case, then it may be difficult to
impossible to access the dj set unless you have access to the *.cfm source and the
server from which the *.cfm template is being served. (All of the logic (except for
embedded Javascript) in a *.cfm template is run on the server side. Only HTML and
Javascript is passed on to the client.)

But the question to ask here is "what is this *.cfm template programmed to do?"

If you have access to source, then we can probably figure it out.

Otherwise, you'll have to gather what clues you can by reviewing the site as a whole and
by looking at the html source of the launch.cfm page via "View Source" on your browser
(which probably won't tell you much).

The name "launch" suggests that the template wants to actually execute the dj set. To do
this, it has to either pass a file name or actual data on to some other application. The
first question is "does this happen on the server side or the client side?"

If it happens on the client side then there's a chance that you can snag it, since there
are a limited number of ways of passing parameters to a client-side application through
Cold Fusion -- usually through some client-side file.

If happens on the server side then you may be screwed.

Best wishes,

Lloyd R. Prentice

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