[linux-audio-user] powerpc audio distorted unless volume very low

Matthew Yee-King yeeking at no-future.com
Sat Oct 12 18:46:01 EDT 2002


I've just got my powerbook back after it took 3 weeks to replace the screen. The repair shop was kind enough to blow away my hard drive and install macos 9.1 so i'm now rebuilding my linux system. I've gone for yellow dog 2.3 (after the debian installer gave me too much gip). 

Preamble over, heres the griff:

I've got kernel version 2.4.19-4a 
i'm running alsa 0.9rc2 / snd-powermac (rc3 wouldn't build the powermac driver)

Some apps work fine, e.g.

xmms playing an mp3 (oss emulation)
pd 0.35 (native alsa)

Others have a very distorted sound unless the software volume level is very low, e.g.

audacity (oss emu)
SpiralSynthModular (oss emu)

1. has anyone else using ppc noticed this phenomenon of some apps being fine and others being very distorted?

2. does anyone have a good solution? 

i had the same problem with my previous install on this machine when i had alsa/ benh2.4.19 kernel. the solution i found was to use the 2.4.10 yellow dog kernel + oss native module when running these audio apps. unfortunately this did not allow me to use alsa. 



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