[linux-audio-user] JACK -> aRts

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Oct 14 11:47:00 EDT 2002

kasper at 303.nu wrote:
> Hi,
>>From the JACK FAQ:
> "aRts, a streaming media architecture: aRts was not designed from the ground 
> up with low-latency in mind. Not a fault, but a design decision. A jack 
> output element could be written for aRts, though, as far as I can tell."
> Anybody tried this already? If not, I would like to spend some time creating 
> an aRts output element, because my laptop soundchip doesn't have decent ALSA 
> drivers. And it seems easier to write a jack output for aRts than to debug 
> the es18xx ALSA drivers. 

AFAIK it hasn't been attempted yet. You should get in touch with the 
arts-devel list though because they have quite an active development 
group from what I've heard.

It would be very useful for many people.

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