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Thu Oct 17 15:21:01 EDT 2002


I just bought a new system. It has integrated sound on the Mother
Board. There is a jack marked "spk" (obviously the speaker jack). But
the manual refers to that jack as "line-out" I was always under the
impression (just an assumption) that "line-out" and the speaker jack
put out completly different voltage levels (and we know how dangerous
it could be to plug things into the wrong voltage levels).

Are the standard speaker jacks indeed "line level"?

There's several possiblities that I can think of:

1. The standard "speaker out" jack complies to the "line level" standard

2. Since it's a costom made computer, the jack is incorrectly marked
and its actually a line out jack. (after all, the VGA port is marked
as "COM2")

3. Since the manual covers several versions of their Mother
board, it's actually a different interface that it's referring to (I've
run into this with the manual before).

I'm actually hoping to find out that the speaker out jack complies to
the line level standard. This way I can use the speaker out for line
level devices.

Let me know what you know,

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