[linux-audio-user] mpg123 and mpg321 + alsa output distorts

Olivier olivier at lx.student.wau.nl
Sun Oct 20 12:24:01 EDT 2002

Hi all,

If I use mpg123 -o oss it plays fine, but I can only use my first
soundcard. If I use mpg123 -o alsa09 it plays the same volume, but the
sound is distorted. mpg321 has the same problem. Programs like aplay do
not have the problem, so it's not for all alsa software.

what do mpg123 and mpg321 have in common? and what makes them distort when
using the alsa output instead of oss-emulation?

the system is a AthlonXP2000+ with Asus on-board cmipci and a Hoontech
ymfpci card. Both cards have the same problem with mpg123 and mpg321 and
both not with aplay.

anybody an idea?


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