[linux-audio-user] problem converting mp3 to wav

Graham Percival gperlist at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 21 01:36:01 EDT 2002

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002 01:11:31 -0400
Howard Sanner <flagstad at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Graham Percival wrote:
> > The only thing that I can think of is that perhaps your mp3s are mono.
> > cdrecord expects to see stero wavs.
> 	Bingo! They are, indeed, mono mp3's. I'll used Broadcast 2000 to
> create a 2nd track and see where that gets me.

If you're doing a lot of mono mp3 -> cdrom stuff, then you might be interested
in this command I found somewhere amongst the ecasound stuff (maillist or

ecasound -a:1 -f:16,1,44100 -i mono-1.wav
         -a:2 -f:16,1,44100 -i mono-2.wav -erc:1,2 -eac:0,1  
         -a:1,2 -f:16,2,44100 -o stereo.wav

If you replace both mono-1.wav and mono-2.wav with mono.wav, then it makes
the mono wav into a stero wav with the same thing on each channel.  It's
simple to stick that into a script and insert that into the conversion

# mpg123 -$OPTIONSfoo.mp3 foo-mono.wav
# dostero foo-mono.wav foo.wav
# cp foo.wav ~/to-burn/foo.wav

- Graham Percival

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