[linux-audio-user] (REQ:) Linux live encoding

Matthew Yee-King yeeking at no-future.com
Fri Oct 25 16:14:00 EDT 2002

Nice idea!

The icecast stuff is good - simple to set up and solid (well to be honest, i haven't tried it under load - i just used it to play mp3's on computers on a LAN in my house. but i left it running for days randomly picking mp3s with no hitches)


then, specifically for live encoding:


DarwinSteamingServer from apple does mp3s as well. You can get the source, but i don't know if its fully 'free' if you know what i mean. 



On Fri, 25 Oct 2002 15:42:22 -0400 (EDT)
<mawali at news.icns.com> wrote:

> Hi
> My and my friend are thinking of setting an open radio station. Only
> choice I have is linux (that is all I use). I am trying to find something
> that will do live encoding for me. All the content on the station will be
> non-copyrighted and royalty free and I want the software used to be that
> too.
> Please tell me what my options are, for live encoding, I will probably use
> ogg, since mp3 is not royalty free.
> Also is there any hardware that would do this encoding for me. If not, and
> the software is available. I might turn it into a dedicated blackbox for
> live encoding.
> Thanks

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