[linux-audio-user] A Newbie's New System?

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Sep 15 05:47:41 EDT 2002

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 07:17:24 -0500, Scott Downie wrote:
> AMD would be fine with me. But I read somewhere that some folks seemed
> to be having audio problems on Linux systems that were running AMD.
> Some of the ASUS motherboards had problems, perhaps? I don't remember.

I think it was the older VIA chipsets, I've just got an AMD with VIA
DDR333 chipset, and it seems fine, apart form the fact that I cant rip cds
with the onboard controller.

IMHO you get the best float performance per buck with AMD, but if you want
decent ram bandwidth you are stuck with VIA chipsets.

> I just want to make sure that the motherboard works with the soundcard
> and the networking card and the video card and all the other little
> cards we crave.

I've not had any problems like that.
> > The hammerfall dsp retails for around 6-800 us$
> I don't need every single bell and whistle. It looks like the
> Hammerfall DIGI9636 would work for me. Since it retails for $565, it
> must be available elsewhere at a lower price. Right? Or maybe the
> M-Audio route is the most cost effective?

It depends if you allready have, or need AD/DA converters. If you were
going to have to buy some anyway, I'd be tempted to go with M-audio, its
cheaper. I'd guess an 8in 8out ADDA converter is $500 or so?

FWIW I use the hammerfall light with a yahama 01v desk, and I'm very happy
with the combination, it all works together at 24 bit, with no sync
problems etc.

- Steve 

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