[linux-audio-user] strange problems with snd

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Sep 18 09:28:10 EDT 2002

I can't resist posting this hack, though I doubt it's actually useful.
response to the Snd font problem mentioned earlier, I wrote some
xm-module-based code to show what fonts a given widget is trying
to use:

(define (show-font-name font)
  "(show-font-name font) shows the Snd-related name and the X-related
name of each font \
in a widget's font list"
  (define (show-next-font context)
    (let ((next-font (XmFontListGetNextFont context)))
      (if (car next-font)
     (if (XFontStruct? (caddr next-font))
   (format #f "~A: ~A~%"
    (cadr next-font)
     (XtDisplay (cadr (main-widgets)))
     (list 'Atom
    (cadr (XGetFontProperty (caddr next-font)
  (snd-print (format #f "no font found!~%")))
     (show-next-font context)))))
  (let ((context (XmFontListInitFontContext font)))
    (show-next-font context)
    (XmFontListFreeFontContext context)))

So, if it's the minibuffer that's giving trouble:

(define (show-minibuffer-font)
  "(show-minibuffer-font) shows what fonts are associated with the
    (cadr (XtVaGetValues
            (list-ref (sound-widgets) 3)
     (list XmNfontList 0)))))

If the font name looks ok, try C-z (in the new version), and send me a
of what you see.

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