[linux-audio-user] How can I install on ASUS P4B266SE

Lars Åslund lasse at umt.se
Mon Sep 23 06:10:59 EDT 2002

Are you able to run "alsamixer"? , I running a M-audio card with alsa driver (0.9)
And all channels are muted by default.

Regards /Lasse

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] How can I install on ASUS P4B266SE

I can not install ALSA on this P4B266SE. 
It seems to be installed without any errors but I can not speak/listen. There is no sound. 
I tried to with both of alsa-xxx-0.5.xx and alsa-xxx-0.9.0rc3. 
Are there any special tips? 
Did Anybody have an experiences? 
Bokyun Na


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