[linux-audio-user] ALSA: What is the website missing?

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Dec 2 09:54:48 EST 2003

derek holzer wrote:
> Hope this hasn't been pointed out here already, but right now the Alsa 
> Soundcard Matrix is broken.

Now fixed. I ran out of time last night at 4am and had to work today.

> But besides that, I would like to see the actual modules.conf file used 
> by each soundcard under the page for that card. Maybe also the 
> card-specific .asoundrc

This is supposed to be the functionality of the user additions section. 
Writing up a specific .asoundrc for every card supported is an awesome 
task. It would require the developers (usually Takashi or Jaroslav) to 
spend the time for every device known to work. That means less actual 
coding. However there are plenty of people who use the devices and 
figure out the syntax for the .asoundrc by themselves. Recently I have 
been recieving about 4 useful additions per week.

Would you be satisfied if there were more card specific hints? I may be 
able to add some checks when we scan the user notes which would crete a 
link for notes apllicable to each card.

> I seem to recall looking at the one for my HDSP and finding a 
> modules.conf for cmpci or cmpcmcia or some other kind of card which I 
> obviously didn't have!

HOw long ago was this? BEtween July and October there was a difficult 
period when Jaroslav updated from php3 to php4 and my workstation went 
down so I couldn't make the necessary changes to the site.

> Maybe this was an error, or maybe the same "template" conf file was used 
> for all pages? 

Yes we use a template for the install docs.

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