[linux-audio-user] Recommendatio wanted

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 2 11:54:01 EST 2003

Joerg wrote:

"... it does not occur as rarely as you might think."

This was a comparison, not an absolute measurement.  The comparison
results suggest (not prove) that it's something else, not the driver.
If it's the driver, then why is there a measurable difference between
two sf2 files playing the same MIDI file with the same patch number
and same channels?  It could be, but I see no proof.

"It is practiaclly impossible to play these examples without
dropping notes. Especially if the drum or percussion fails
this is very angry."

Compared to the dropping of notes by Rosegarden (older version) and Muse
for other reasons, this wavetable synthesis problem is a minor annoyance.
The timing for both of these sequencers is noticeably off, and the older
version of Rosegarden gets certain MIDI files completely wrong with stuck
notes, etc. on my system.  A good test example is bohemian.mid in Nathan
Laredo's playmidi.

"It happens also if I use the FluidR3 font. And - to make this clear -
independend of whether I play with NoteEdit or the exported MIDI files 
with any arbitary MIDI player and/or sequencer or whatever you have in 
mind, as long as these MIDI player/sequencer uses the hardware wavetable

"And more important: It never occurs with AWE64 independend
of the soundfond and/or the MIDI player and/or sequencer."

This is to be expected for both a driver problem and a loading problem
or timing problem.  It could also be some sort of firmware problem,
a circuit design problem, logic problem in the chips on the soundcard,
etc.  It still seems premature to conclude that this cannot be anything
else other than a driver problem.  Maybe it is, maybe not.

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