[linux-audio-user] USB hardware: Audigy 2 NX / Extigy

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Tue Dec 2 12:51:19 EST 2003

Andreas Kuckartz wrote:
> My required features:
> - USB
> - should not cost more than about 150 Euro
> - two channel analog audio I/O
> - Windows 2000 drivers should also be avalable :-)

With these specs, I'd suggest an Edirol UA-1A:
<http://www.netzmarkt.de/thomann/artikel-150893.html> or UA-1X:

> Optional:
> - MIDI In/Out

Usually, 'consumer' devices don't have MIDI.  Maybe you should get
both a USB audio and a USB MIDI interface.  (All USB MIDI interfaces
from ESI, Edirol, and Midiman are supported by ALSA.)

> - 5.1 audio out

5.1 over USB is tricky because of the relatively low USB 1.1 bandwith.

The Extigy can play AC3 data, but _not_ with the ALSA driver. I don't
know if it can handle uncompressed 6-channel data.


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