[linux-audio-user] [ANN] swh plugins release

Adam King aking at lgh.com.au
Tue Dec 2 18:59:53 EST 2003

> http://plugin.org.uk/releases/0.4.3/
> New plugins:
> Butterworth filter plugin (Alexander Ehlert)
> Impulse generator plugin (Andy Wingo)
> Delay plugin (Andy Wingo)
> Signal decay plugin (Andy Wingo)
> DJEQ plugin (me)
> Reverse Delay plugin (Jesse Chappell)
> Expander plugin (me, more-or-less untested)
> Vinyl sound plugin (me)
> Improvements:
> Improvements to the IIR filter code (Alexander Ehlert)
> Gain and delay correction factors for hilbert transformer (Fons
> Make biquads internally float/douable at compile time (me)
> Changes to pitch scale (can't remember why, me)
> Added latency reporting ports to (most) plugins that need them (me)
> Updated README and auto* stuff (me)
> Changes to allow building under Win32 (Audacity Project)
> Fixed UID clash (me)
> - Steve

Hi Steve,

Is there any chance of getting a mono version of djEQ and the Vinyl
Sound plugin? I ask because currently terminatorX only works with mono
LADSPA plugins. I know there's no need to release a mono and stereo
version of every plugin, but these two would be particularly well suited
to tX.

- Adam

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