[linux-audio-user] Rewrite sfxload for native ALSA

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Tue Dec 2 20:24:54 EST 2003

> I anyone aware of ANY non-OSS tool to load soundfonts into
> an SBlive card ?
> If not, would anyone be interested in looking in to how to
> rewrite sfxload so it, at least, uses the native ALSA API ?
> Even with ALSA in the 2.6 kernel (yay, no more modules) and
> most apps now converted to ALSA/jack I am still stuck with
> this small but useful utility. I get around it by simply not
> using the the soundfont capability of my SBlive. Pity.
> --markc

This is another example why I try to avoid hardware synthesis and go 
with software synthesis. There's actually two (main) reasons for this... 
For one, some of the sound cards have a limit on the size of sound fonts 
You can load... and for another reason, what happens if I want to set up 
the same "studio" (that I've worked tirelessly for years to set up) on 
someone else's computer and they don't have hardware synthesis 
capabilities? I would have to learn more "stuff" when (instead) I could 
just set up the software synthesis that I know (and have tested)?

I don't know... maybe I'm always thinking in terms of being able to set 
up "audio studios" for other People. The irony is that I haven't set up 
one computer for a friend yet (I've offered though).


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