[linux-audio-user] Re: ALSA: What is the website missing?

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Wed Dec 3 07:52:55 EST 2003

Thomas Charbonnel wrote:

> I vote for this too, and also to remove outdated comments about sr > 
> 48000 Hz being unsupported.

Agreed. According to Peter Todd, in the Linux Journal, 96 kHz is 
possible by switching to Double Speed mode:


> Switching between SingleSpeed and DoubleSpeed Mode—Using 96kHz
> As mentioned above, all software using the HDSP must be closed before switching between SingleSpeed and DoubleSpeed mode. But normally, 
software sets the sample rate. So what now? Well, there is a setting 
related to the AutoSync functionality (more on that later) that can do 
the job, Sample Clock Source. I won't explain exactly how it works just 
yet, but basically, by setting the internal clock to different 
frequencies, the card automatically switches modes. For instance, to 
switch to DoubleSpeed mode run:
> amixer -c 1 cset numid=11 6
> To switch back to SingleSpeed mode run:
> amixer -c 1 cset numid=11 3
> In both cases, don't forget to make sure that no application currently is using the sound card. 

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