[linux-audio-user] jackEQ pixmaps

Reuben Martin MartinR at jbu.edu
Wed Dec 3 22:34:59 EST 2003

> > That is probably not the reason behind the seg fault 
> though. I haven't been able to get JackEQ to start without 
> immediately seg faulting ever since the project started. The 
> more recent versions of Jamin are starting to do the same 
> thing as well and I have no idea why.
> How recent? There was a bug in the plugin discovery code that 
> I fixed, and
> meant to port the fix to jackEQ too, but I might have forgotten.
> I think I fixed in in jamin about a month ago, maybe less.
> - Steve

I think I'm using 0.5.23. I'm away from home right now and my machine is offline so I will have to check later to make sure. I tried to compile 0.5.31 but I couldn't get it to build. Jamin will register itself to jack and then immediately die from a segmentation fault. Oddly enough, if I specify the input and output ports, it will fail to connect to the ports but at least it won't seg fault.

JackEQ seg faults no matter what I do. I was using version 0.3.7.

For what it's worth, I'm using:
swh-plugins 0.4.3
Jack 0.90.1 (posix shm)

Also, kind of unrelated, I just realized today that the newer versions of Jack no longer give me monitors.


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