[linux-audio-user] jackEQ pixmaps

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Dec 4 04:49:08 EST 2003

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 03:13:05 +0900, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> This is interesting because I see a similar problem on my gcc-2.95.4 
> machine with JAMin only. I just checked however and it makes no 
> difference. I'm beggining to wonder if my 1ghz machine is just not 
> powerful enough.

It should be fine - i regularly run it on an 800mhz PIII.

In any case it will jsut get kicked it its being to slow - it shouldnt
segfault. There has been a problem in the past where xruns during the
startup phase could cuase segfaults, but they were to hard to reporoduce.

- Steve

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